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Cœur Comb and Hairbrush

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Our Natural Wood Baby Brush and Comb Set is crafted for the tender care of your little one's delicate hair. Each piece is custom engraved on natural wood, adding a touch of warmth to your baby's grooming routine. Please note that due to the nature of the wood, slight variations in grain may be present, making each set unique.

Item Details:

  • Custom engraved on natural wood - slight variations in wood grain may occur
  • Set includes 1 Wood Baby Brush and 1 Wood Baby Comb

Soft Bristle Hair Brush: Our soft goat bristle brush is designed to prevent static and provide a gentle touch on your baby's soft spot. Tested hypoallergenic, the brush not only promotes healthy grooming but also offers a soothing experience during showers, easing your baby's anxieties.

Toddler Hair Brush: Perfect for newborns and toddlers, the hypoallergenic goat hairs help reduce cradle cap while protecting the soft spot on your baby's head. The brush is a gentle solution for maintaining a healthy, cheerful baby.

Comb as an Adorable Feature: The included comb serves as an adorable accessory, adding a delightful touch to your baby's grooming routine. It can also double as a charming feature for your baby's gown.

Usage Notes:

  • Before combing with the goat hair brush, apply a small amount of baby oil to the affected area in cases of eczema.
  • Gently brush softened eczemas, taking care not to hurt the scalp, especially as the anterior fontanelle of infants is not completely closed.
  • After use, clean the brush by removing hair remains and dirt. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo and rinse with clean water. Air-dry the brush naturally, avoiding direct exposure to the sun.

Disclosure: These items are not intended for play and must be used under adult supervision. Elevate your baby's grooming routine with the wholesome and natural care of our Wood Baby Brush and Comb Set.