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Milk Powder/Snack Container- 3 Layers

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This 3 Layer Baby Milk Powder/Snack Container is designed with cute shape. It's not just a milk powder box, it's a treasure box! The lids feature eye-catching color and the container features transparent color as well. The baby can easily see the inside, which will draw the baby's attraction to take meals from it. 3 layers to hold 3 meals. Each layer holds about 115ml and can be split and used. One independent side opening for convenient pouring and no overflow.  It also can be used as snack cups and other baby foods supplements. 


Separate compartments means making on-the-go feeding easier, can be freely combined and easy to clean after use. All 3 containers come with individual twist-lock secure lids for true independence and split usage, a narrow footprint means it can be stored easily in baby's bag.  The bottom  layer will not touch milk powder and will prevent leakage.


Our 3 Layers Baby Milk Powder/Snack Container is made of high-quality food-grade plastic, BPA free, latex-free, Nitrosamine Free non-toxic, no mildew, anti-broken, durable for long time use. The perfect container for individual servings of formula, milk, or snacks on the go.


  • Item Type: Milk Powder/Snack Container
  • Material: PP
  • Material Feature: BPA free, latex-free, Nitrosamine Free
  • Shape: Straight and Round