In Love of Babies, Parents, & Mother Earth

Hi, I’m Sally and founder of Mez' Amours.  I am so glad you’re a Cœur fan.  I have spent my entire adult life caring for babies, toddlers and kids - as a Nanny, Early Childhood Teacher, Infant Sleep Coach,  Child Nutrition Manager, and a Mama.
The French word, Cœur, (pronounced Kër) translates to heart, or the symbol of love. Mez' Amours was born in love with babies and Mother Earth.  As parents, our devotion to our children knows no bounds. And we, like the children of Mother Earth, are nurtured by an unconditional, bountiful environment. At Mez' Amours, we believe that every baby is loved and we embrace our mission to empower parents with Cœur.   
Do not hesitate to browse our store for essential baby products, and if you have any questions, just get in touch. We are always more than happy to assist and provide you with a great experience.
Your Love + Our Love = Mez’ Amours







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