• What is Flat Head Syndrome?

    What is Flat Head Syndrome?

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    I left one Friday and returned to work on Monday and there it was! My baby's head was misshapened. I did not see it coming! There it was right before my eyes! What happened over the weekend?
  • Cook Together. Eat Together. Talk Together.

    Cook Together. Eat Together. Talk Together.

    Helping you child become healthy and fit begins with you and begins at a tender age too. Make meals and memories together. Make mealtime a family time.
  •  BPA ( Bisphenol A) and the Effects on Infants/Children

    If you want to keep your child safe, then staying away from chemicals is extremely important. The same can be said about common items like plastic bottles. They contain bisphenol A, also known as BPA, and it’s one of those chemicals that can be very bad for kids regardless of their age. But is this very problematic for kids, or we shouldn’t be worried...
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